Tips & Tricks for Packing and Organizing Your Storage Unit

* Take an Inventory of Your Items

* Use Uniform Tote/Box Sizes

* Label Totes/Boxes on all sides to Identify Easily

* Wrap Things in Clear Bubble Wrap

* Avoid Using Plastic Bags as it May Mildew

* Seal Boxes with Packing Tape

* Don't Store Boxes on the Cement

* Use Pallets or 2x4's

* Dismantle Furniture to Save Space

* Tape a Bag with all Harware to the Furniture

* Wipe Down and Wax Furniture

* Wrap Pictures & Mirrors with Cardboard and 
      Store on End

* Leave a Small Space Between the Walls and
      Totes/Boxes to allow Air Circulation

* Stack Heavy Sturdy Totes/Boxes on Bottom and  
      Fragile Totes/Boxes on Top

* Place Totes/Boxes on Top of Sturdy Furniture

* Place Frequently Accessed Items Towards the 
      Front of Your Unit

* Leave a Walkway Down the Center of Your  
      Unit to Make Accessing Easier

DON'T Store Anything Flammable (ex. Gas, Paint Thinner, Aerosol Cans. etc)